Geodynamics of the eastern Mediterranean Sea


Some of the fundamental tectonic and geodynamic characteristics of the eastern Mediterranean remain unresolved due to the extremely thick sedimentary cover (10 to 15 km) and the lack of accurate magnetic anomaly data. We have collected 7,000 km of marine magnetic profiles across the Herodotus and Levant Basins, eastern Mediterranean, to study the nature and age of the underlying igneous crust. The towed magnetometer array consisted of two Overhauser sensors recording the total magnetic anomaly field in a longitudinal gradiometer mode, and a fully oriented vector magnetometer (please see the Equipment Section). Altogether, the results shed new light on the tectonic architecture and evolution of this region and have important implications on various geodynamic processes. All of this, and more, is summarize in the Nature Geo. 2016 paper.

The continuation of this study will focus on the magnetization state of the oceanic crust found in the Herodotus Basin and what can we learn from that on the thermal state of this extremely old oceanic crust. During 2018 we will collect long deep-tow profiles across the basin.